Portable Food Warmers for Cars: Like a Car Microwave

food warmer for car like a car microwaveWhy bother with buying the best portable food warmer for cars? Because while we would love to have one, there are no car microwaves (at least nothing that will come close to the high powered monster you have in the house). If you have ever been on a road trip with ready made and packed food, then you must know how difficult it is to keep the food warm or warm it up once it’s cold. It is a struggle that no one likes and would probably give up when they realize that there is no way out. However, this does not have to be the case anymore. This is thanks to these portable food heaters listed here, which are designed in such a way that they are compact enough to comfortably fit in any car. All you have to do is to plug the warmer in the cigarette outlet of your car and you can go ahead and warm your food. You can heat food to the temperature of your choice and eat it without having to make any stops. Here is a list of the top car food warmers in the market.

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, Black

The RoadPro portable stove is about as close as you can get to a car microwave. This is one of the best-selling food warmers in the market and if you travel often, it is a must-have. It is a medium sized lightweight and portable food warmer with a large capacity so you can pack a good amount of food in there. You simply plug it in your 12- Volts carport and turn it on. It heats up to 300 degrees, which means that it is perfect for any kind of food.

While it by no means anywhere close to the high powered microwave you have sitting in the kitchen, it is your best option for a microwave for cars during a long drive. The best part is that its power consumption is low so you do not have to worry about draining out your battery.

You can buy the RoadPro from Amazon.

Wagan 2577 Personal fridge/warmer 7Liters

This simple to use and versatile food warmer for car is exactly what you need to ensure that you can enjoy hot home cooked meals or snacks. You simply have to plug it in your cigarette outlet and place it anywhere it can rest even in the back seat, thanks to the 6-foot cord that is attached to it. It heats to a maximum of 140 degrees which is the perfect temperature for any kind of foods you wish to warm. You can buy the Wagan Person Fridge/Warmer from Amazon.


Koolatron LBS-01 Black 12 Volt Lunch Box Stove

The Koolatron (usually available for sale on Amazon) is another good alternative to the RoadPro. If you’re tyring to get as close to a car microwave as possible, it’s these two that you should be looking at. This affordable, portable food heater is suitable for a small family or for personal use. It is one of the best food warmers for cars since it heats quite fast and you can easily have your soup all hot and ready to eat in 20 minutes or less; making it quite a fast portable microwave for cars. The highest temperature you can get is about 300 degrees Fahrenheit which you can comfortably use any kind of oven friendly dishes that you have.

Wagan 2260 thermo-electric fridge/ warmer 6Liters

It is a dual- function warmer that can heat up to 140 degrees. It has a LED display to allow you to keep your food at just the right temperature. It also has two cup holders at the front so as to maximize on space and functioning since it can easily fit in the front or back console of your car. Check Amazon for current prices.

All the car food warmers listed here are good options. But the best portable food warmer for cars (a.ka. the best portable microwave for cars) is the one that is most affordable for you (most of them do not cost anything more than $40). This is why you shouldn’t have any excuses and don’t need to sacrifice enjoying hot, home cooked meals while you are traveling. Buy one that is within your budget, likely to meet your needs in the best way, and you will thank yourself for that.

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