Welcome, Fellow Drifter

Drifter's RestaurantAre you a drifter–constantly on the road–drifting from one place to the next? Maybe you are and maybe you’re not. Most likely, you’re just extremely busy and find yourself on the road way too much; making you feel like you’re never home, and close enough to living the life of a drifter. I’m that way and thus I’ve adopted the word drifter to describe me. I’m always on the road and barely have time to live in my own home. My vehicle is practically my home.

If you’re like me, a “drifter” then you know what it’s like to be eating have to shove down that boring, and by now, tasteless, fast food burger. Perhaps you’re not a drifter, but if you’ve had to make a long drive before, or you find yourself having to do long drives several times a year then you know the struggles us drifters have to deal with (the horrible food selection when on the road).

Which ever you are, this website is here to help fix that problem we’ve all faced before and will face yet again. The purpose of this website is to help you eat better for your busy, always on the road lifestyle. And of course, for those of you who aren’t that busy, but may have to do long drives here and there as well.

How can I help you eat better on the road? By teaching you simple and easy ways to cook a meal while on the road.  In “The Menu”, you’ll find recipes to teach you how to cook delicious, yet simple to make, dishes. All of the recipes will be made to be cooked on the road. In “The Kitchen”, you’ll find tips and techniques, as well as cool cooking gadgets you’ll need to successfully enjoy a “home cooked meal” while on the road.  Of course, many of these recipes will require some preparation ahead of time. These preparations will sometime require some common (and sometimes, not so common) kitchen gadgets. More information about those are beyond what this Drifters Restaurant offers. If you’re not familiar with one of them and you’d like to know more, you can find tips on how to use them and even some very informational review from kitchenreviewed.com. So you can avoid yet another fast food burger and eat good enough that it’s almost like you’re sitting down at a restaurant, a drifter’s restaurant.

A word of advice to you though, fellow drifter. To make eating good on the road a lot easier, you will have to invest in a few essential kitchen tools and gadgets. While there are many specific road cooking appliances that will cook your food while you drive, there are a few essentials you can’t quite take with you because they simply won’t work in the car. Nevertheless, you’ll need to have them handy in the kitchen. One such device you will need in your kitchen to make all of these possible is the vacuum sealer. The vacuum sealer allows you to do much of the prep work ahead of time and safely seal it. Not only will it allow you to easily store everything prepped, it will also help keep it fresher and better tasting. However, as this website is about on the road cooking and I only concentrate on on the road cooking appliances, I don’t really go much into depths about these. To get more accurate and detailed reviews and information, I highly recommend you check out these wonderful vacuum sealer reviews.

I Need Your Help With This Work In Progress

Another thing to keep in mind while you’re here is this place is a work in progress. It’s actually a work in progress all the time because I’m always working on adding more recipes, tips, and reviews of cool portable cooking gadgets. With that said, I need your help. Please help me expand the collection of recipes. If you have a recipe that can be cooked while on the road, please share it with the readers of this website. If you have some helpful tips, please share it. To help me, and help the other readers out by sharing you recipe/tip, please send them to me through my contact form.